Leonard Auction is delighted to have helped thousands of clients obtain the best price for their items at auction. We work with a wide variety of individuals, professionals and corporations to ensure a successful auction each and every time. In addition to the individual Auction Highlights, we present several success stories with larger estates and collections.

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A Collection of Decorative Asian Items

An Art Glass Collection

A Coin Collection


We were contacted by a client in the northwest suburbs on Chicago in early February of 2016. He and his wife had purchased a large collection of Asian Decorative that had been sitting in their basement for the last ten years. The client had sold their house and needed to get the collection moved out quickly and sold. The client sent us the following pictures and we scheduled an appointment to view the collection in person.

After viewing the collection, we prepared a detailed proposal and outlined our recommendation to sell the items over a 4-6 month period. We estimated the collection to sell in the $15,000-20,000 range which greatly exceeded the client’s estimate of $10,000. After agreeing to an auction plan and contract, we made arrangements to pick-up the entire collection so that the client would have their house clear and ready for the real estate closing.

We sold the Asian Decorative item collection from April 2016 through September 2016 at our regularly scheduled auctions. We took great care to ensure that each month had a wide selection of sizes, colors and motifs so the items would attract a large amount of bidders. We took professional photographs and wrote detailed descriptions for each lot. After six auctions, we had successfully sold the entire collection for an astounding $60,631 – exceeding the client’s expectation by over $50,000! The client wrote us “Thank you for this, absolutely amazing being able to sell so many items we never expected this, big surprise, just shows we chose the right auctioneers.”


We were contracted by an attorney in Park Ridge, Illinois to conduct an auction of his client’s cameo glass collection. The thirty-two piece collection contained fantastic examples of 19th century glass including Thomas Webb & Sons and Stevens & Williams. We arranged to have the collection safely cleaned as years of smoke and dust had turned the bright colors very dull. We worked with a national art glass expert who helped us identify, authenticate and catalog the pieces for auction. We executed a marketing plan that targeted collectors nationwide and saw competition for the items both locally and across the globe. After the hammer fell on the lots, the glass collection realized $24,707 against a pre-sale estimate off $16,440!



We were contacted by a client in Northwest Indiana who had a large coin collection that she had inherited from her Grandfather. Her Grandfather was a tavern owner and often traded patrons for coins and currency. Over the years he amassed a large collection but it had sat untouched since he past away decades ago. We met with the client and reviewed the coin collection in person. After review, we presented a proposal to sell the collection at a dedicated coin auction that would exclusively feature the collection. After signing a contract to conduct the auction, we arranged for an armed guard to transport the collection from Indiana to our auction house. Our catalogers spent countless hours sorting and cataloging the thousands of coins and notes that comprised the collection. The dedicated auction was a smashing success as every one of the 311 lots found a buyer and the auction total of $78,332 exceeded the pre-sale estimate by more than 48%!